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Quotes & Testimonials
Here is what people have said about their work with Eillen




A small selection of what people have said about how much
they gained from the LearningMethods work with Eillen:


This method helped me to let go some of my worries and that’s a relief!"

"This method gave me a lot of tools to deal with my artistic problems; personally I can say that it was very effective."

"What is very interesting on the workshop is that we work with many others. This method is different for each individual. The work allowed me to understand myself better, but above all to understand how other people function."
                                                                Acting student

"What interests me is how this work sheds some light on our patterns of thinking, and also on our paradoxes and fixed ideas."



"Awaken Your Creativity"

And what people said about their experiences in the
"Awaken Your Creativity"
workshops with Eillen:


"Thank you again for a truly amazing session last week, completely unlike anything I've experienced before, a very powerful way of accessing deep places within one's psyche, of acknowledging and connecting with hidden areas of one's life."
                                Student training to become an osteopath.

"A great opportunity to let myself sound in a way (in front of other people, and letting them think what they want) that I wouldn't let happen at other times. Very freeing! And I was very happily surprised at the sounds and abilities that I had inside me."
                                         A professional musician and LM teacher

"The workshop with you opened up a new area for me, I can't stop moving my body. When I am alone I often feel like expressing myself by moving around in all sorts of ways. A big surprise to me that voice improvisation could lead to this!"
                                                        Professional musician

"I found it fascinating to see what did come up for me–life issues–in context with the improvisation... The territory of imagination and creativity was extremely interesting for me!"
                                             Physical therapist, Alexander teacher


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