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Awaken Your Creativity

A workshop or ongoing classes to explore the creative and expressive possibilities of voice and movement.

To improvise is to be spontaneous and to respond to the first thing that comes to you.

It is about trusting what comes as something real and true for yourself just because it comes by itself from somewhere in you..

It means to experience your own feelings or ideas of the moment without judgment, control, or intellectual interpretation.

The workshop will help you to explore this in-the-moment creativity of your own sounds and movements though group activities and games.

The time together will be led by where you are at each moment—your interests, insights and anything that comes up for you.

No particular skill in singing or movement is necessary; you will discover your own music and dance.

The goal is to awaken your own in-built creativity by learning how to allow it to emerge. So we can enter for a week-end in a space of free...

It's all about the joy of the process and the discovery of your creativity.

Improvisation is an inspiring path to discover new ways of experiencing yourself and your unique richness, to stimulate your imagination, feelings and energy, without having to know specific vocabulary, notes or movements.

The purpose of the workshop is not about performing, it is about what it means to improvise in the present moment and what this process will reveal. It can also be a powerful tool to connect you to the deep experiences existing in your life so that you can allow them to move and flow through you.

In using our voices it is common enough for some to experience fears, tensions or self-consciousness. If anything comes up, we will take the time to work through this so that everyone feels comfortable with the process.

The workshop is a practical means to learn more about experimenting (the LearningMethods process). Improvisation is following your own ideas and feelings of the moment. It is a powerful way to become more aware of what comes up for oneself — first to realize what's there and second to follow this response without judgment, control or abstracted interpretation.

Eillen will help you to explore the creative process of using the material that comes up for you in one experiment to move onto the next one. By learning how to be in touch with your own explorations and experiences, you can learn how you can continue by yourself after the workshop.

Getting 'a taste' of following your own impulse no matter what you think about or what the others are thinking about it can have many implications in your everyday life — learning to recognizing and responding to your own desires out of your own values.

This way of improvising is a very tangible way of getting back in touch with yourself, of being "responsible" to your own values. When we are comfortable in responding from our inner creative self, fun is naturally there because we are true to ourselves and experiencing our own 'perfect' uniqueness.

Here are some quotes from students after this workshop:

And a great opportunity to let myself sound in a way (in front of other people, and letting them think what they want) that I wouldn't let happen at other times. Very freeing! And I was very happily surprised at the sounds and abilities that I had inside me."
             A professional musician and LearningMethods teacher

The workshop with you opened up a new area for me, I can't stop moving my body. When I am alone I often feel like expressing myself by moving around in all sorts of ways. A big surprise to me that voice improvisation could lead to this!"
                                     Professional classical musician

" I found it fascinating to see what did come up for me—life issues—in context with the improvisation... The territory of imagination and creativity was extremely interesting for me!"
               Physical therapist, Alexander Technique teacher


Information and Organizing:
If you want more information about this workshop or to organize one in your city, contact:

Eillen Sellam
Telephone: +1 416-519-5470   
78 Tilden Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9P 1V7  Canada