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Description of Courses

A powerful and rapid approach for exploring and solving almost any of your problems. You will learn the tools of how to do this for yourself.

Alexander Technique:
A hands-on practical method for becoming aware of and changing your harmful physical and functional habits in all the ways you use yourself in daily life.

Freedom in Motion:
A series of classes about being more in touch with ourselves, becoming more free, centred and poised in our daily activities and for the sheer joy of dancing freely though improvisation

Mothers in Motion:
A series of classes for mothers and mothers-to-be about being more in touch, becoming more free, centred and poised in daily activities and with their children.

Awaken Your Creativity:
A series of classes about exploring your creative potential and discovering yourself through voice and movement games and improvisation...

For more information or to make an appointment, contact:

Eillen Sellam
Telephone: +1 416-519-5470   
78 Tilden Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9P 1V7  Canada