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Freedom in Motion

Simple and fun ways to improve your everyday movement, become more free in yourself and in your expression

The Freedom in Motion workshops have been developed to help you get in touch with yourself, become more free, grounded and centred, and to discover the richness and fun of your own creative potential.

Numbers: Usually limited to 6 participants who are committed to the series of classes.


The Course Structure:

These classes have 2 major features which come together in helping you to be more free in yourself, more free in your everyday movements, and more free in expressing yourself...

Freedom in Motion
— This component is an on-going thread of these classes.

You'll learn basic experiential knowledge about support and coordination…

You'll learn how to use yourself in line with the way your structure is designed so you can take advantage of your marvellous function rather than work against yourself.

You'll discover how to be more whole, poised, and naturally coordinated in simple daily movements (sitting, standing, bending, lifting, walking, running, dancing, etc.) and how to extend this practice to any other activities you do.

Learning the basics of being centred and using yourself well in daily life has a huge impact on your presentness, your general health, and your general fitness.

Each class will give you new things to go out and explore and practice right away on your own during the week.

Then you can bring back to the next class your discoveries, your questions and learn more to take out again during the next week.

Because each class builds and reinforces your understanding and skills each time you must commit to attending each of the scheduled sessions.

Awaken your Creativity
— This other aspect of the classes will be woven in with the first:

Through improvising to music, movement, you'll get in touch with your own uniqueness.

Improvising is being spontaneous and responding immediately to the first thing that comes to you.

It is trusting what comes as something real and true for yourself just because it comes by itself from somewhere in you.

Encouraging your own movements to emerge with the support of music develops an "inner guidance" in your daily life.



Information and Organizing:
If you want more information about this workshop or to organize one in your city, contact:

Eillen Sellam
Telephone: +1 416-519-5470   
78 Tilden Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9P 1V7  Canada

This series of classes is for mother's, particularly of babies or young children. The classes focus on helping the mothers be in touch with their needs, their energy, their tiredness and their limits. The classes also teach mothers how to use themselves better, that is, with more ease and wholeness, in the midst of their very demanding daily activities (carrying a child, pushing a stroller, keeping up with meals and housework, and maybe a job on top of it all).

The classes are also valuable for pregnant women to help in dealing with  changing body, keeping their poise and support with the extra weight and tiredness, and taking advantage of the physical loosening-up changes in order to bring about positive postural habits rather than negative ones.

Separate exercise and fitness classes can be valuable, but what about learning to use yourself in such a way that all your everyday activities become "living exercise". Not only does using yourself with less tension and effort reduce pain and injury, but it means that everything you do will contribute to your health and your strength and be good for your muscles and joints.

These classes can be individual, but are usually taught as a series for a group where members have the advantages of sharing experiences an learning from each other. These classes combine my work with the Alexander technique and elements from my Freedom in Motion classes. Here are the links to those pages:

I love working with mothers and mothers-to-be, so I am looking to offer these classes in centers dealing with prenatal and postnatal help.

If such an approach interests you, I'd be happy to meet to discuss together the possibilities. The mothers can have their babies with them during the classes so that they can learn in real situation!

Cette série de cours s'adressent aux mamans, en particulier celles qui ont des bébés où des jeunes enfants. Le but étant d'aider les jeunes mamans à être plus à l'écoute de leurs besoins, leurs energies, leurs fatigues et leurs limites. Les jeunes mamans vont apprendre comment utiliser leurs corps, avec plus d'aisance, d'unité et de fluidité au milieu des nombreuses activités quotidiennes (porter le bébé, pousser la pousette, maintenir les travaux ménagers, et parfois un travail en plus). Les mamans peuvent avoir leurs bébés présents pendant les cours ce qu'il leur permettra d'apprendre en situation!

Ces cours s'adressent aussi aux femmes enceintes pour les aider à faire face aux changements au fil de la grossese, pour apprendre comment rester centrée et en bon appui au sol malgré la prise de poids et la fatigue. Ces 9 mois sont aussi l'occasion de profiter de la souplesse (liée à la grossese) du corps pour prendre des habitudes corporelles bénéfiques.

Les activités physiques ou sportives sont bénéfiques, mais on peut aussi apprendre à utiliser son corps de telle sorte que les activités de tous les jours deviennent "l'excercice de la vie quotidienne". Ainsi vivre les nombreux gestes du quotidien avec moins de tensions favoriser une meilleure santé de nos muscles et de nos articulations.

Ces cours peuvent être individuels,ou en groupe où chacun apprend aussi de l'expérience de l'autre. Ces cours combinent mon travail avec la Méthode Alexander avec des éléments de mes cours "Freedom in motion" donc voici le s liens :

J'aime particulièrement travailler avec les futures mamans ou les mamans et je souhaite offrir ces cours dans des centres où l'on propose de l'aide prénatal ou post-natal.

Si cette activité vous interesse, je serai ravie de vous rencontrer pour discuter ensemble des possibilités.