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LearningMethods:  Learn to Know Yourself

How to discover and learn about yourself and for yourself

What can we do when we are going through situations with psychological or physical difficulties? Especially when these problems reappear over and over. Often we look at these symptoms as problems that we want to get rid of, but instead we can listen to those symptoms as a message — a signal to wake us up and tell us that something is wrong or something doesn’t work. With this attitude, we make available our intelligence and our talent for exploration and learning!

This learning process uses direct and simple tools to look at what happened before the symptom appeared. What was my feeling at this moment?  What was I up to?  How did I react to the situation? ...to the symptom?  This research allows us to identify and to localize in time the problem and to understand better how we get caught in repetitive habits and how we can escape them.

Being in touch with yourself
gives you all the necessary information to navigate your life. With my guidance and questions, I help you to get at the causes of your difficulties. There we often find fixed ideas or unrealistic expectations that are the root of the problem.

Our human ability to learn is innate; we all experience it in the first few months of our lives, when we learned to walk, etc. We can regain access to this inheritance so we can take advantage of this natural ability and learn to learn from our difficulties, our experiences and our discoveries.

Learning to know and to accept ourselves
is freeing ourselves from the inside struggles. If we stop trying to change ourselves, be perfect and get it right, new abilities are revealed.

My job as a teacher is simply to facilitate this discovery of yourself. The classes and the workshops are driven by your questions, your explorations, and your experiments and experiences.

If you are a performer or practicing an art (professional or not), if you have some difficulties or tensions or if you want to look closer to certain aspects of your personal or relationship life, I can help you to clarify your process, your questions, and to make new experiments. Musicians, singers, dancers or actors, bring your instrument, your text or music. We can explore together your attitude, your performance and your intention.

The individual classes and the workshops are for anyone who wishes to learn about themselves, to explore an activity or an art and who is willing to question their way of seeing things.

During the group classes or the workshops, each student has the opportunity to address an issue, to share, to understand and to explore a practical and personal work. These small groups of 4 to 6 students create a rich dynamic with lots of support from each other allowing us to learn a lot from each other. But if you prefer to discover this approach on your own, you are welcome to take an appointment for individual classes.



Whatever your background or experience, the LearningMethods workshops and classes are there for you to explore any issue or problem that has come up for you in your life and that you want to understand and to change.

 Here are some of the common issues that people bring up:

     Tension and pain — on-going or in activities like
       playing an instrument, driving, using a computer,
     Nervousness and stage-fright — in performance
       situations, giving a speech or presentation, or socially,
     Stress and strain — business demands, deadlines,
       being caught in rushing, personal crises, etc.,

     Learning blocks — difficulty or frustration in
       rehearsal / practice, in studying or in learning new

     Phobias and fears — fear of flying, fear of heights,
       fears of driving, other ‘irrational’ fears, etc.,

     Relationship issues — on-going misunderstandings,
       conflict or arguing, being stuck in reaction, jealousy, etc.,

     Compulsions and dependency — eating disorders,
       quitting smoking, over-indulging, anorexia, etc.,

     Self-worth and judgement — self-judgement or
       worry of what others are thinking, low self-esteem, envy
       and comparison,

     Worry, fear for the future / stuck on the past —
worrying about bad things that could happen, or unable
       to let go and move on,

     Other learning and discovery issues — how to go
       on learning and discovering for oneself, when to trust
       your own feelings, how to allow rather than force
       learning, etc.

     And, of course, anything else that you want to bring

Or you may simply want to learn more about yourself, or take your already-existing teaching or helping skills in a new direction…


Information and Organizing:
If you want more information about this work, to make an appointment, or to organize a workshop in your city, contact:

Eillen Sellam
Telephone: +1 416-519-5470   
78 Tilden Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9P 1V7  Canada