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Mothers in Motion

This series of classes is for mothers? particularly ones with babies or young children. The classes focus on helping mothers be in touch with their own needs — their energy, their tiredness and their limits. The classes also teach mothers how to use themselves better, that is, with more ease and wholeness, in the midst of their very demanding daily activities (bending, lifting, carrying a child, pushing a stroller, keeping up with meals and housework, and maybe doing a job on top of it all).

The classes are also valuable for pregnant women to help in dealing with their  changing body, in keeping their poise and support with the extra weight and tiredness, and in taking advantage of the physical loosening-up changes in order to bring about positive postural habits for the future rather than negative ones.

Separate exercise and fitness classes can be valuable, but nothing compares to learning to use yourself in such a way that all your everyday activities become "living exercise". Not only does using yourself with less tension and effort reduce pain and injury, but it means that everything you do will be contributing to your health and your strength, and be good for your muscles and joints.

These classes can be given as an individual series or for a small group of 2 or 3 people, but they are usually taught as a series of once-a-week classes for a somewhat larger group where members have the advantages of sharing experiences and learning from each other.

These classes combine my work with the Alexander Technique and elements from my Freedom in Motion classes but adapted and aimed toward the special situations of mothers.

Mothers are encouraged to bring their babies or young children with them during some of the classes so that they can learn in real-life situations.

I love working with mothers and mothers-to-be, and as the mother of a young boy I have the practical as well as the teaching experience !


Information and Organizing:
If you want more information about this series of classes or to organize one in your city, contact:

Eillen Sellam
Telephone: +1 416-519-5470   
78 Tilden Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9P 1V7  Canada